Changchun Lanjiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

       Established in January 2019, located in Beihu Science Park of Changchun New Area (National New Area), Changchun Lanjiang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical technology company dedicated to pharmaceutical new product R&D, new drug technology development and transfer, and pharmacy technology services. It’s also the first pharmaceutical research company with MAH established in Jilin Province.

       Oriented to modern management, the Company has 8 business departments according to business process and function planning: General Manager Office, Clinical Medicine Department, Registration Management Department, Preparation Development Department, Synthesis Development Department, Analysis and Testing Department, Quality Assurance Department and Comprehensive Management Department. Each department has a division of labors and has its own duties.

       The Company has a modern drug R&D laboratory covering an area of 2,600 square meters, equipped with over 100 units (sets) of advanced drug R&D equipment worth up to RMB 30 million, including high-efficiency coating machine, tablet press, vacuum freeze dryer, wet mixing granulator, automatic high performance liquid chromatograph, automatic dissolution instrument, gas chromatograph, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, atomic absorption instrument, infrared spectrometer and other equipment, which can meet the modular and personalized business requirements of drug small scale test research and assay development, validation and testing of different dosage forms and can realize the service and management of the whole process of drug marketing, such as drug project research, drug small scale test research, drug pilot scale test production, drug registration and drug clinical research. In addition, the Company has built and strengthened network security, data security, software and hardware equipment validation (3Q), emergency plans, etc., covering a comprehensive standardized operation process, quality assurance system and scientific project management system. Meanwhile, the Company can carry out pharmaceutical research projects in a standardized and efficient manner and provide a favorable guarantee for the development of drugs with excellent and controllable quality.

       With the corporate values of “consensus, co-creation, win-win and sharing” and the corporate mission of “establishing a company, creating a system, cultivating a group of talents, doing something for the society, for others and for ourselves”, Lanjiang Pharmaceutical accelerates the industrialization process of its own R&D projects, promotes the marketing of its own brand products and aspires to become a well-known MAH company in China.

It’s located in Changchun New Area, a National New Area, with modern pharmaceutical R&D laboratories covering an area of 2,600 square meters and 30 million of pharmaceutical research facilities and equipment


It has simple, bright, spacious and comfortable office environment and a R&D team of 50 pharmacy-related professionals with more than 50% of R&D personnel with master’s degree or above.