Company profile

Company profile

Founded in April 2001, the company is headquartered in Chongqing High tech Zone. It has R&D bases, production bases and sales companies for APIs and preparations in Jilin Changchun Beihu Science and Technology Development Zone, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing Banan District, Chongqing Changshou District and other places. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating pharmaceutical R&D, production, sales and health services. The company focuses on building a full lifecycle management service system for pharmaceuticals, and constructs a biopharmaceutical industry cluster through the approach of "product (service) delivery+commodity trading services". With MAH (Marketing Authorization Holder) as the core, we provide full lifecycle services such as CDMO, transaction promotion, and post market research of drugs.

The company adheres to innovation as the driving force and builds core competitiveness. The R&D team has over 20 core experts with over ten years of experience in R&D management in overseas pharmaceutical companies, with over 80% of them having a college degree or above, and nearly 30% of them having R&D personnel. The products under research cover different fields such as chemical medicine, biological medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. There are more than 50 projects under research, and many core technologies such as asymmetric catalysis Total synthesis key technology, Synthetic biology (enzyme catalysis technology), slow and controlled release preparation technology, liposome preparation technology, etc. We have accumulated 33 new drug certificates, 32 clinical approvals, 51 production approvals, 75 domestic and foreign patents, and 644 authorized trademarks. Obtained national level qualifications such as National Enterprise Technology Center, National Specialized, Refined, and New "Little Giant" Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, and National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology; Received multiple municipal honors, including Chongqing Postdoctoral Research Workstation, Chongqing New Drug Design Engineering Technology Research Center, Chongqing Chiral Drug Engineering Technology Research Center, and Innovative Drugs and Advanced Drug Manufacturing Technology Engineering Research Center. We have 4 domestic first varieties, 1 domestic exclusive variety, and 6 varieties that have passed consistency evaluation (including 3 varieties that have passed national consistency evaluation). The company's flagship product, Orlistat, is the world's first asymmetric catalytic Total synthesis technology, the world's first industrial production of Total synthesis of APIs, the first domestic production, and its core patented technology has won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award. At present, it has become the world's largest supplier of APIs and preparations. Its sales of APIs cover more than 50 countries and regions, ranking first in the world.

The listed key products of Zhien Biology include Orlistat capsules (for weight loss), Donepezil hydrochloride tablets (for Alzheimer's disease), ropiniro hydrochloride tablets (for Parkinson's disease), Quetiapine fumarate sustained-release tablets (for antipsychotic drugs), and tropisetron hydrochloride injection solution (for chemotherapy and radiotherapy). In combination with "Internet plus", through continuous integration of pharmaceutical, medical and user data information, build a smart pharmaceutical trading service system, build a full scene, efficient operation service capability with AI technology as the core, and enable the trading channel market. The company has achieved B-end business coverage of over 200000, C-end service users of over 18 million, annual shipment of over 7.58 million packages (covering all provinces and autonomous regions in the country), and medication guidance of over 2 million people.

Around the pharmaceutical industry service chain, Zhi'en Biotechnology has invested in the construction of multiple research and development and manufacturing bases for chemical raw materials, chemical preparations, biopharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicine, vaccines, and drug conversion centers, possessing advanced transformation and manufacturing capabilities in chemical, traditional Chinese medicine, biopharmaceuticals, and other fields. In addition, the company collaborates with well-known domestic and international biopharmaceutical enterprises such as Cytova and Baifan Biotech to build advanced, diverse, and large-scale biopharmaceutical CDMO advanced manufacturing bases.

Wood is straight from the heart, and medicine is benevolent. Zhi'en Biotechnology will always be committed to building a pharmaceutical full lifecycle management service ecosystem, with MAH as the core, continuously providing more professional, efficient, and reliable pharmaceutical full lifecycle services, creating better drugs, meeting the public's pursuit of life and health, and striving to become a leading pharmaceutical and health service enterprise in the world.

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