R & D Platform

R & D Platform

Chongqing Liangjiang Medicine Co., Ltd.

       Liangjiang Medicine is a new R&D organization with innovative drugs and modified new drugs as the core of R&D.

       Liangjiang Medicine’s innovative cancer topical application program will use preparation technology and pre-drug technology to solve the problems of existing topical application preparations or to create unique topical application preparation products to bring better treatment options for patients with early and locally advanced tumors, allowing patients to have a higher quality of survival. Such drugs are innovative and clinically useful based on existing drugs, as they act directly on local lesions and maintain their efficacy for a longer period of time, reducing systemic side effects and the number of doses.

       According to the topical application design, preparation technology research uses preparation technology means such as implantable preparations, gastric retention preparations, suspension injections, etc. to achieve local release and lasting action of drugs. Pre-drug technology research is based on compounds that have been applied in the clinic or proven to be biologically active by research, and changes or modifies the structure of the compound by synthetic technology means to achieve the requirements of physicochemical properties such as solubility, water solubility/lipid solubility, and hydrolysis rate at a specific pH value needed for the project.

The Company’s R&D team currently consists of more than 10 core members, including 4 overseas PhDs, and the management team are all senior experts with more than 20 years of experience in new drug development.